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  • White House arranged off-the-record meeting with Porter and four reporters after abuse allegations
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  • Trump's Battered Presidency
  • Rob Porter's ex wife Colbie Holderness slams White House over its response to abuse allegations
  • White House Thinks Hope Hicks Is 'Immune' to Domestic Violence from Rob Porter, MSNBC Host Says
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  • The White House is 'rotting from the head down'
  • Rob Porter's first ex-wife responds to Kellyanne Conway
  • Give Up, Hope
  • 'I expected better from a woman': Rob Porter's 'abused' ex-wife Colbie Holderness slams Kellyanne Conway for ...
  • Kelly increasingly isolated as Porter scandal rages on
  • Trump and White House take domestic violence 'very seriously'
  • The Slatest - Slate Magazine

    Feb. 15 2018 12:47 PM Jeff Sessions Is Putting Together a Group to Study Why We Have Mass Shootings, Which Ought to Do the Trick Ben Mathis-Lilley

  • Molly Olmstead - Slate Magazine

    Feb. 16 2018 11:06 AM Former Playboy Model Details Trump Affair and Cover-Up in Remarkable New Yorker Story Molly Olmstead

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