Unexploded WWII Bomb Found In River Near London City Airport

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Destruction of WW2 bomb near London City Airport postponed amid safety fears

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London airport back in operation after bomb is removed

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City airport reopens after World War II bomb removal

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London City Airport reopens after WW2 bomb removed from Thames

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London City Airport unexploded Nazi bomb dragged out to sea in nine hour operation as site remains closed

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Wartime bomb to be dragged 'nine hours underwater' before controlled explosion

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London City Airport remains closed due to WWII bomb

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Second World War bomb detonation postponed after weather fears

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London Airport Reopens After World War II Bomb Removed from Thames

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New footage shows Royal Navy bomb disposal experts working to clear unexploded WW2 bomb in River Thames

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London City Airport reopens after WWII bomb removed from Thames

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An unexploded WWII bomb that shut a London airport is being dragged out to sea to be blown up by the Royal Navy

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Bomb that closed London City airport to be dragged underwater to Shoebury for controlled explosion

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London airport reopens after 500 kilograms Second World War bomb was safely removed

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WATCH: Portsmouth navy divers to dispose of Second World War bomb in London today

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City airport open after World War II-era bomb removed

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London City Airport to reopen after Second World War bomb saw flights cancelled

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Flights resume at London City Airport after WWII bomb removed

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A relic of World War II — a 1100-pound unexploded German bomb — has shut down London City Airport

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