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  • Unexploded WWII Bomb Found In River Near London City Airport
  • Destruction of WW2 bomb near London City Airport postponed amid safety fears
  • London airport back in operation after bomb is removed
  • City airport reopens after World War II bomb removal
  • London City Airport reopens after WW2 bomb removed from Thames
  • London City Airport unexploded Nazi bomb dragged out to sea in nine hour operation as site remains closed
  • Wartime bomb to be dragged 'nine hours underwater' before controlled explosion
  • London City Airport remains closed due to WWII bomb
  • Second World War bomb detonation postponed after weather fears
  • London Airport Reopens After World War II Bomb Removed from Thames
  • New footage shows Royal Navy bomb disposal experts working to clear unexploded WW2 bomb in River Thames
  • London City Airport reopens after WWII bomb removed from Thames
  • An unexploded WWII bomb that shut a London airport is being dragged out to sea to be blown up by the Royal Navy
  • Bomb that closed London City airport to be dragged underwater to Shoebury for controlled explosion
  • London airport reopens after 500 kilograms Second World War bomb was safely removed
  • WATCH: Portsmouth navy divers to dispose of Second World War bomb in London today
  • City airport open after World War II-era bomb removed
  • London City Airport to reopen after Second World War bomb saw flights cancelled
  • Flights resume at London City Airport after WWII bomb removed
  • A relic of World War II — a 1100-pound unexploded German bomb — has shut down London City Airport
  • Civilian Team Finds Wreck of USS Indianapolis, Lost in ...

    A team of civilian researchers has discovered the wreck of the USS Indianapolis, a US Navy cruiser which Imperial Japanese forces sunk in July 1945 to the loss of ...

  • Secretary Of Defense Carter Smacks Down The Littoral ...

    In an unusually scathing memo to Secretary of the Navy Ray Maybus, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has demanded severe changes to the troubled Littoral Combat Ship ...

  • How The Soviet Akula Changed Submarine Warfare

    In late 1984, when the first Akula submarine of the Soviet Navy put to sea, it immediately changed the way anti-submarine warfare would be conducted. With the Akula ...

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