Why Prince Charles deserves to be the next Head of the Commonwealth

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Commonwealth conundrum: who on earth can replace the Queen?

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Prince Charles 'might NOT be next head of Commonwealth if the Queen dies'

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Commonwealth meeting 'will discuss Queen's successor'

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Commonwealth to meet in secret to discuss Queen Elizabeth's successor

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The Commonwealth and the Queen: Replacing royal headship would have 'disastrous consequences'

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Commonwealth in 'secret talks' over who succeeds Queen - and it may not be Prince Charles

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Commonwealth starts secret talks on who will succeed Queen Elizabeth II

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Succession of Head of Commonwealth role 'not part of group's mandate'

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Commonwealth in 'secret' meeting over Queen's successor

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Commonwealth 'in secret talks over who will succeed the Queen' as Prince Charles won't automatically become new ...

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Q&A: The Commonwealth

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Commonwealth meets for secret talks to decide if Prince Charles should succeed the Queen

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Commonwealth is in secret talks to decide whether Prince Charles should take over when Queen, 92, dies

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Commonwealth could DITCH Prince Charles as its head as secret talks held over successor to the Queen

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Commonwealth leaders 'begin secret talks on who should replace the Queen'

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Commonwealth officials 'to consider who will succeed the Queen'

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Commonwealth 'begins secret talks' on who will succeed Queen after her death

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Commonwealth in secret succession plans

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