A farm supervisor who allegedly put needles in strawberries did so out of spite, a Brisbane court has heard.

Bail application for My Ut Trinh withdrawn after magistrate says motive for the alleged contamination is unclear

Australian woman charged with contaminating strawberries with needles

SYDNEY: A 50-year-old woman will face court on Monday (Nov 12) after police charged her with contaminating strawberries with needles, an episode ...

True scope of strawberry crisis revealed

Detectives investigating the recent strawberry contamination crisis have revealed just how big the investigation was.

Australian police arrest 50-year-old woman after needles found in strawberries

Australian police on Sunday arrested and charged a 50-year-old woman with contaminating strawberries with needles.

Alleged Strawberry Contaminator In Court After Spending The Night Behind Bars

The first person charged over the strawberry needle crisis is due to face court after spending the night behind bars.

Strawberry needle contamination: Australian police arrest woman over spiked fruit

A 50-year-old woman has been charged over an Australia-wide alert caused by fresh fruit being spiked with needles. Authorities in all six of the country’s states were investigating the tampering that has led to needles or pins being found in strawberries, apples and bananas. The crisis meant tonnes

Woman arrested over needles found in strawberries

A 50-year-old woman was arrested today over a reports of needles found in strawberries that sent Australia’s fruit industry into panic.Contaminated fruit were found across five Australian states and as far as New Zealand, prompting a nationwide investigation. The first contamination was reported in