THERESA MAY’s “so-called Chequers proposals are in truth very far from dead” and the Brexit model will be “at the heart” of the deal she will “shortly and magically secure”, Boris Johnson has argued.

Softly, softly for now, British PM May’s enforcers gear up for big Brexit vote

LONDON (Reuters) - Less than five months before Britain leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May’s parliamentary enforcers are on the prowl.

Boris Johnson: Theresa May 'on verge of total surrender' to Brussels

The ex-foreign secretary accuses Theresa May of trying to force through a Brexit plan to keep the UK locked in a customs union.

Johnson calls for Cabinet mutiny over PM’s Brexit plans

Boris Johnson has claimed Theresa May is on the brink of “total surrender” to the EU over Brexit as he urged the Cabinet to mutiny against the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agenda.

Theresa May is facing renewed pressure from Tories on both sides of the Brexit divide as the Prime Minister tries to hammer out the final details of a withdrawal deal. Cabinet divisions were

Change tack or face defeat, Brexit critics tell British PM

Euroskeptic lawmakers make new threats against the terms of the deal May is working on with Brussels

Ministers at odds over Brexit backstop

Cabinet ministers appeared at odds over whether the UK could secure a unilateral exit from a Brexit backstop deal on Northern Irish border arrangements.

Change tack or face defeat, Brexit critics tell British PM May

Prime Minister Theresa May was under growing pressure on Sunday to change her plan for Britain to leave the European Union to avoid defeat in a parliamentary vote. With both Britain and the EU suggesting an agreement is close, eurosceptic lawmakers and a leading member of a small Northern Irish party

Britain's armed forces are making contingency plans for how they could support the country if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, senior British defense officials said on Sunday.

General Sir Nick Carter confirmed he is making "sensible contingency plans" as the prospect of a No Deal Brexit ramps up

'Rejection and resignations' over May's Brexit plan

Reports the EU has abandoned the prime minister's plan come amid increasing speculation over cabinet resignations.

UK may not get Brexit withdrawl deal with EU, minister admits

The UK may not be able to reach a Brexit deal with the European Union because controversial issues are still blocking an agreement, the trade minister Liam Fox has admitted. “We are seeing a difficult end to the negotiation,” Mr Fox told Sky News on Saturday morning. He said that if the UK failed to get its way over outstanding issues such as the Northern Ireland border, “we may not be able to reach an agreement with the European Union.”