PM under pressure as leading Brexiters and Tory remainers come out against proposals

Theresa May's Brexit plan will be voted down if it 'traps' UK in Customs Union, Andrea Leadsom warns

Theresa May's Brexit plan will fail to get through Parliament if Britain is left "trapped" in a Customs Union with the EU against its will, the Leader of the Commons has warned.

UK Politics: May faces anger and resignation but bettors back Brexit deal

UK Politics betting latest odds on Brexit with Jo Johnson resignation and DUP anger. November 11 2018. Join Betfair and bet today!

Andrea Leadsom warns Theresa May over Brexit plans

Theresa May’s Brexit plans have been dealt a fresh blow after a second Cabinet minister came out against the central pillar of her proposals.

MPs will vote down backstop plan that leaves UK 'trapped' in EU's orbit, Andrea Leadsom warns Theresa May

A Brexit backstop plan that leaves Britain "trapped" in the EU's customs orbit would not be "sellable" to Parliament, Cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom has warned Theresa May.

Resigning Tory minister calls for a second Brexit referendum |

"It was a fantasy set of promises that have been shown up for what they were," said Johnson after resigning his post as Minister for Transport.

The Johnsons at war: JoJo, BoJo and Dad and their differing opinions on Brexit

The Johnson family have very different opinions on Brexit. Jo Johnson’s resignation as a junior minister this week showed he was not on the same wavelength as his brother Boris....

Brexit Negotiations "Careering Into Jaws Of Death": Stanley Johnson

Stanley Johnson's son announced his resignation as transport minister on Friday over the government's Brexit plan.

EU leaders say key Brexit issues still not resolved in fresh blow for Theresa May

EU leaders have thrown Theresa May’s hopes of a Brexit deal this month into fresh jeopardy, after warning that crucial obstacles remain.