Alliance's Stephen Farry: Northern Ireland's Remain voice must be heard on Brexit

TODAY, four Remain parties are presenting a united front for the interests of Northern Ireland.

THERESA MAY’s “so-called Chequers proposals are in truth very far from dead” and the Brexit model will be “at the heart” of the deal she will “shortly and magically secure”, Boris Johnson has argued.

“These are terms that might be enforced on a colony,” says ex-foreign secretary.

Boris Johnson: Theresa May 'on verge of total surrender' to Brussels

The ex-foreign secretary accuses Theresa May of trying to force through a Brexit plan to keep the UK locked in a customs union.

Johnson calls for Cabinet mutiny over PM’s Brexit plans

Boris Johnson has claimed Theresa May is on the brink of “total surrender” to the EU over Brexit as he urged the Cabinet to mutiny against the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agenda.

Former British foreign minister Boris Johnson called again on Sunday for Prime Minister Theresa May to change course on Brexit, accusing her of forcing through a deal to keep the country locked in the EU's customs union in a "total surrender."

May under fire from all sides over Brexit May under fire from all sides over Brexit

Cabinet divisions have been exposed on the backstop arrangement as the PM’s right-hand Brexit adviser has talks in Brussels.

Brexit timetable in turmoil as Theresa May is forced to cancel planned cabinet meeting to approve her deal

Theresa May has been forced to abandon plans for an emergency cabinet meeting to approve a Brexit deal, after fresh opposition at home and abroad plunged her timetable into turmoil.

Theresa May faces a last-minute battle to formulate a Brexit deal to present to her Cabinet this week.

PM under pressure as leading Brexiters and Tory remainers come out against proposals

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is one slip away from disaster

Negotiators watching Theresa May’s mission to deliver Brexit liken her efforts to the nerve-shatteringly complex 1969 Apollo moon landing. Few believed the astronaut Neil Armstrong would make it to the moon and back alive. Some thought the whole thing was a hoax.This weekend the prime minister is tr