BTS performance cancelled over atom bomb t-shirt

A Japanese television station has cancelled a performance by the popular Korean boyband BTS, after controversy erupted over a shirt worn by a member appearing to show the mushroom cloud created by an atomic bomb.

K-pop group BTS have caused controversy after a band member wore shirt depicting the US atomic bombing of Japan.

BTS's Japanese TV appearance cancelled after Jimin wears 'atomic bomb' shirt

BTS's performance on a Japanese TV show has been cancelled, amid controversy over a t-shirt worn by Jimin. The K-pop band were due to perform on Asahi's Music Station today...

BTS performance on Japanese TV cancelled over 'atomic bomb' t-shirt

A Japanese TV station has cancelled an appearance by BTS , after it emerged that a member of the K-Pop group wore an atomic bomb t shirt

TV Asahi drops K-pop group BTS in flap over A-bomb shirt:The Asahi Shimbun TV Asahi drops K-pop group BTS in flap over A-bomb shirt:The Asahi Shimbun

TV Asahi Corp. canceled a performance by the South Korean pop group BTS after a member was seen wear

An appearance by the South Korean band was canceled because of a T-shirt one of its members once wore, featuring a photo of the bombing of Nagasaki.

Top worn by K-pop band member Jimin appeared to celebrate Hiroshima attack

TV show cancels BTS appearance over shirt

A BTS member has caused controversy in Japan after wearing a shirt depicting an atomic bomb.

Korean Boy-Band BTS Booted From Japanese TV Over Atomic Bomb T-Shirt

An appearance by K-pop sensation BTS on Japanese network TV Asahi has been cancelled after a member wore a T-shirt that seemed to celebrate the atomic bombing of Japan during WWII.

This K-pop group just broke Taylor Swift's record This K-pop group just broke Taylor Swift's record

Korean pop group BTS beat Taylor Swift's record for biggest YouTube debut with the music video for its song

K-pop group's record breaking album conquers three continents

BTS is breaking records worldwide.

K-pop band BTS beats US stars to win Billboard Music Award

The name BTS may not be familiar to the majority of Americans, but that didn't stop the South Korean boy band from making history Sunday night, when they became the first K-pop group to clinch a Billboard Music Award.

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