The Deeside retailer has fallen foul of the regulator but the ad is gaining a huge audience online

Iceland Christmas ad on orangutan plight banned for political rule breach

A vetting body says it is unable to clear the Greenpeace-made film, highlighting the plight of the endangered orangutan.

Iceland Christmas advert blocked from TV for being too political

Supermarket Iceland has seen its Christmas advert blocked from TV screens for being too political.

Iceland's not-so-festive advert was ruled to be too political to be broadcast on TV

Clearcast halted Iceland's plans to reuse Greenpeace 'Rang-tan' film. From PR Week

The supermarket decided to use their advert campaign to raise awareness against the use of palm oil in the production of food and cosmetics

Iceland Christmas ad: What is palm oil and why was the advert banned?

Iceland's Christmas advert highlighting the impact of palm oil production has been banned from TV after it was deemed "too political". The supermarket giant launched its Christmas campaign on social media instead, with a video highlighting the environmental destruction caused by producing the oil.

A supermarket releasing their Christmas themed advert is now a major part of the festive season. 

Iceland decided to break away from tradition this year

A really, really simple beginners guide to breaking up with palm oil

If you don't know much about palm oil, welcome to the club. Until the furore about Iceland's Christmas advert (which was all about how palm oil destroys the environment) was...

The animation was originally made by Greenpeace.

'Christmas' TV advert barred from being shown as it is actually a recycled Greenpeace video 

Iceland's Christmas TV advert has been banned from being shown because it is a recycled Greenpeace advert with a political message, the company has admitted.