Poland's political leaders join far-right groups on independence march

Poland’s eurosceptic political leaders joined far-right groups as tens of thousands of people marched through the capital in a parade to mark a century of national independence. More than 250,000 people gathered on the streets of Warsaw to mark the 100th anniversary of Poland’s rebirth as a state at the end of the First World War.

WATCH thousands of far-right marchers light a SEA OF FLARES in Poland as police look on (VIDEO) — RT World News

The ultra-nationalist crowds that flocked to Poland for its independence day march were seen performing Nazi salutes and burning flares at the event attended by staggering 200,000 people. Police, however, stood idly by.

The president said the 100th anniversary of Polish independence was “for everyone.” The march included the far right and omitted opposition leaders.

Far-Right Groups Join Massive March Marking Polish Independence

Far-right movements from across Europe joined a massive march in Warsaw to celebrate Poland’s 100th anniversary of independence, in what has become an annual gathering point for Europe’s political fringe.

Poles mark independence amid far-right row

A march marking 100 years of independence draws huge crowds, but the opposition boycotts the event.

Poland holds centenary parade alongside far-right march

Leaders of Poland's right-wing government marked the nation's centenary with a military parade Sunday, which took place at the same time and along the same route as an annual independence day march organised by marginal far-right groups.

Nationalists burning flares and carrying fascist flags marched at same time as politicians

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Polish government officials march with far-right groups to mark century of independence

Poland's eurosceptic leaders marked a century of national independence on Sunday as around 200,000 people marched through the capital in a parade involving far-right groups and neo-fascist activists from Italy.

Some 200,000 people took part in an Independence Day march in the Polish capital on Sunday, the minister for the interior said as Poland marked 100 years since returning to the map of Europe.

Poland marks centenary of its national rebirth at end of First World War

Poland’s president and prime minister led an Independence Day march on Sunday which included members of nationalist organisations, the first time Polish state officials have marched wit