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Universal credit ‘will cost more than the old benefits it replaces’

UNIVERSAL credit is set to be more expensive than the benefits it replaces, a report has found. Changes including extra money announced in the Budget by Philip Hammond (pictured) also mean that 200,000 more families will be better off due to the welfare reform, an independent think-tank said. The Resolution Foundation’s Laura Gardiner said: ‘The... <a class="view-article" href="">View Article</a>

Around 3 million people will still be worse off on universal credit, study warns

Around 3 million people will still be worse off on universal credit, despite Philip Hammond’s Budget U-turn to head off a Tory revolt, a study warns today. The chancellor’s decision to pump £1.7bn into higher payments from the controversial new benefit will ease the pain for 200,000 workers, a respected think tank says.

Resolution Foundation research suggests 600,000 families could be worse off

A think tank last night declared the additional investment announced by Philip Hammond in the teeth of a Tory rebellion means that for the first time since being introduced, Universal Credit will be MORE expensive than the legacy benefit system it replaces

DOZENS of campaigners staged a protest against the government’s new benefits system which they claim will ruin the lives of society’s most vulnerable people.